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The 3 Circles 


Sprint Runner

Athletes, Entertainers & Creators

This group consists of high profile and emerging athletes, entertainers and creators. From Emmy winners, to Olympians, to News Anchors, Singers, DJ's, Actresses, Dancers, Broadcasters and more. If you have not received a vetted invite and would to be invited please click below to apply. 


Business Woman

Executives in Sport & Entertainment

Executives is a group of driven and creative women that work in the business of sport and entertainment. This includes agents, producers, VC's, lawyers, behind the scenes and more. This circle has the opportunity to network together and with the other circles to create some iconic synergy. 


Girl's Softball Team Members

College Athletes

Being a female college athlete is no easy task. Osprey allows colleges to join the program and give access to their female athletes for resources, networking, NIL and mentorship from our talent and executive circles. Click below to nominate your school or apply to join. 

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