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Community for females in sport & entertainment

The Full Story

In early 2023, a collective of diverse female entrepreneurs, athletes, and creators across sports, fitness and entertainment came together to establish Osprey. Together, they questioned how the definition of an icon is evolving…


  • Iconic moments and memorable performances

  • Endorsements and commercial success

  • Lasting impact on the sport & entertainment history

  • Exceptional talent & loyal fans

  • Typically, been male dominated


For decades, the image of an icon hasn’t changed in decades…


While acknowledging and honoring the significance of previous iconic talent, we envision a new era that embraces a fresh perspective on what it means to be leave a legacy.


“You don’t have to do big things to leave a legacy, just the right things to the right people.”


Fuelled by a new era of influence, we set out to build something very different - with an approach centered around talented females in sport, fitness and entertainment providing real value for empowering growth.


“Learn together. Succeed together”


Embarking on a new venture, establishing a brand, or releasing a new album requires a well-thought-out long-term strategy and the expertise of a highly skilled team equipped with top-notch resources and like minded peers. Our community has forged partnerships with trailblazers who possess a wealth of experience in these areas and beyond, and we are committed to instilling the same level of refinement and excellence into Osprey.


“Building a legacy is lonely.

Let’s do it together.


The community of Osprey is uniting numerous up-and-coming athletes, creators, and entertainers, alongside a leadership group that possesses extensive knowledge and influential connections. Moreover, the community is supported by visionary individuals in the realms of sports, technology, and management, who are known for their innovative approaches.


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